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SaniTimer® Hand Washing Timer

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Description The SaniTimer Hand Washing Timer, Model ST-100, is the pinnacle of portability and functionality! This slick award winning hand washing timer is designed to work with existing hand washing stations throughout food safety, medical, and commercial facilities. The water activated 30 second timer will leave plenty of time for the user to pump soap, lather up, and finish washing and rinsing under the water for the minimum of 20 seconds as requested by the CDC and public health authorities nationwide. The SaniTimer has been put to the test in a peer reviewed and published data study with proven effectiveness at changing behavior at the hand sink. We encourage organizations to be proactive in regards to safeguarding the health and safety of their employees and patrons with increased hand hygiene compliance. The SaniTimer just so happens to be the most effective and least expensive option on the market today to reach the highest level of safety and hygiene standards in your facilities today.

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