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FlyWeb Fly Light Trap

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FlyWeb® (patented)

Suggested for use in:
Restaurants, Hospitals, Deli's/Bakeries, Pharmaceutical, Food Manufacturing, Supermarkets, Office Buildings, Hallways

Perfect for Cluster Flies!


The compact FlyWeb™ insect light is designed for use indoors in residential and commercial areas. Its compact size and direct plug-in features allow the light to be placed in any standard electrical outlet. Remove the protective coating on the adhesive board, insert it into the unit and the trap is set. All you need is an electrical outlet - plug it in.

FlyWeb™ uses an insect-attracting lamp to lure insects to the adhesive trapping glue board. When the glue board is full of insects, simply remove and discard it; then replace it with a new adhesive trapping board. The glue boards are non-toxic and safe to handle.

Lures and captures house flies, bottle flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies, yellow jackets, lady bug beetles, bees, moths, and other flying insects.

FlyWeb Fly Light features:

24 hour, non-chemical silent trapping

Light gray finish

Easy to replace, disposable 3" x 5" adhesive panel

Covers 600 sq. ft. (20 lineal ft.)

9-watt energy-efficient U.V. insect lamp

UL approved and easy to use. Just plug into any 110V outlet. No tools required.

1-year limited warranty

Dimensions: 3.5"W x 10.5"H x 1.75"D

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