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CleanRite Biozyme Quart (Case of 12)

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Product Details

Biozyme is a unique blend of synergistic bacteria that is designed to remove the scum where fruit flies and drain flies breed. It's unique triple action formula allows it to be used in direct applications, foaming sprayers, and mop water.

Food preparation and other facilities experience a regular buildup of food and grease deposits on floors, baseboards, drains, equipment bases and crack or crevices. This organic debris is not only where fruit flies, drain flies, phorid flies breed but also cause foul odors, clogged drain lines, smelly mops and slippery floors.

CleanRite Biozyme is a unique blend of four bacterial strains that attach and digest

* Highly Active Bacterial enzyme formula.
* Safe for plumbing and septic systems.
* Non-Pathogenic.
* Salmonella free.
* Fresh Clean Scent.
* Clings to walls and drains.

For use in:
* Restaurants
* Bars
* Food Manufacturering
* Industrial Areas
* Health Care
* Bakeries

* Reduce fly problems.
* Cleaner surfaces.
* Reduce foul odors.
* Improve drain lines.

Additional Information

Usage Regular use of Biozyme removes the breeding sources of flying insects. Apply the digestive bacteria solution as a coating foam onto dirty surfaces. Using 2-4 oz in mop water allows you to coat your entire floor and get material into the small cracks and other overlooked areas that are critical in removing breeding sites. Repeat weekly to maintain control.
Specs 32 oz. quart bottle, 12 quarts per case with two free 'Trigger Faomer' applicators included.
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